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I was going to post a new Hot List today, but there has been an unexpected development that I feel I need to share. As of last Friday, I have decided to leave my position in the Brooklyn office. It’s not a decision that came easily, but it was helped along by the fact that they kept wheeling my desk chair out of the office with me in it. So the Hot List will have to wait.

Let me be clear about something: this is a good thing. The work was neither interesting nor challenging, and the terms of my employment were increasingly…unfavorable. Also, I was really tired of having my manicure ruined every time the carpenters asked me to carry a box of nails or shake their hands.

There is, of course, a down side. There were two or three people at the Brooklyn office with whom I shall miss working. There is also the matter of rejection. While almost everything about the working environment was completely awful, it still stings a little bit to be told I’m just not worth the money. It’s like being rejected by an ugly girl. You know how sometimes you meet a girl whose best features are her real swell personality and a quirky taste in hats? Maybe you met her at some college party on homecoming weekend or at someone’s gay wedding or something? And you decide you’re gonna be all friendly even though she insists on wearing spandex all the time when maybe she shouldn’t, but you still think her hats are great? So then she comes along and is like, “Hey, Chirls, it’s cool being your friend and all, but I want you to know that nothing is gonna happen between us ‘cause I just don’t think of you that way.” And you’re like, “What just happened here?” My job was like that, except without the hats and the swell personality.

So, I guess don’t call me at the office number anymore. Stay tuned for the Hot List. Good Stuff.

[Edit: Thanks to Jewbacca for expert help with unemployment research for this piece.]