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On occasion, I have been known to send the blog.chirls.com staff out onto the Internet to find stuff for me to read when I’m too bored or disgusted to deal with the people around me. Today, as I was having my New Year’s Day pedicure, I found this wonderful little piece on page five of this morning’s print-out. It’s a review of the film Trainspotting, written by a lady from Massachussetts, USA.

I think we could all learn a lot from this review about life, journalism and film directing. I, for one, will pay close attention to these words when working on my next film, whether in writing, casting or drinking at the wrap party.

_if you think junkies are glamorus

I just couldn’t believe the hype this movie got when it came out. I had trouble trying to follow the conversations (they were spoken in a very thick Sort of Scotch accent). The people were sooooooo ugly. What happened to all the beautiful movie stars????????????? The men were ugly and the women were even uglier if that’s possible. These people where obviously extreme low end people. Unless you like junkies, baby death and ugly people pooping in their beds don’t bother with this. Rent “The Full Monty” instead! It was a much better movie._

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