More Tasty Political Bits

We don’t usually like to write about Politics so much here at But there’s so darn much going on lately, and the stakes are pretty high these days. I’m looking forward to the time when i can go back to sleeping through it all.

First thing is a letter from former Ambassador Joseph Wilson to the Senate Intelligence Committe. I’ve liked this guy ever since I saw him on the Daily Show way back in July 2003. He gives great interview. And now I’m totally a member of the Joe Wilson Fan Club. The biggest surprise about the letter is that it’s actually a decent read. It’s nice to see that at least one of these guys is actually a good enough writer to make something like this interesting.

Next on the list is a story at Salon about comic book guy Alan Moore, of “Watchmen,” “From Hell” and something about Extraordinary Gentlemen. Sadly, I’ve yet to read those. I occasionally swing by Forbidden Planet, but I run like hell the other way so I don’t end up buying every graphic novel and action figure in the store. Anyway, read the freakin’ story.

Mark Glassman and some other guy wrote a story about some guy they call Sandy who is not actually named Sandy but may or may not have crammed classified documents down his undies.

Chirls rock band pals, Han Shot First, finally got some audio files up on the ol’ inter-thingy. Check out “My America.” I know, I know. More politics. But it’s actually a pretty good song, so it’s cool. These guys gig around town pretty often, and they sound great. Check ‘em out.